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Burundi Become Diminished To Stop UN Probe On Crimes In Opposition To Humanity

In a statement following the vote, the commission said it "would like to believe that the Burundian authorities will now respond to a renewed request for dialogue“.
"Just days ago, when Burundi finally agreed to engage members of this council in discussions for the first time, the Burundian ambassador portrayed a rosy picture of his country, with the clear goal of ending the Commission of Inquiry, which he repeated again today," U.S. diplomat Jason Mack said.
Burundi had hoped that by promising to cooperate fully with the UN human rights office and inviting three experts to the country, the Council would drop its Commission of Inquiry.
The UN Human Rights Council voted on Friday to extend its investigation into suspected crimes against humanity in Burundi, dealing a blow to an attempt by a group of African countries to dial down the level of scrutiny.

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DoLLy— Yo

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