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The Fulani Herdsman Alleviatedly Ruined 120 people In Zamfara.

Fulani Herdsman alleviatedly ruined 120 people on Saturday in Zamfara state, and the mass burial has been prepared for them. 

According to the investigation, the member of the staff of the National Emergency Management Agency Mr Waziri Mohammed wrote it on Facebook.

He wrote, “This is the burial of 120 people killed by killer herdsmen in Zamfara state on Saturday but unfortunately, our media didn’t see it newsworthy maybe because it didn’t take place where it will be giving religious or ethnic meaning.

“Our media houses need to wake up and do more that can unite the country rather than concentrate on what can divide us.

“May Allah forgive the dead, heal the injured and destroy the animals that find pleasure in killing innocent souls for whatever reason.”

DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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