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A Lady Disclosed The Method Her Boyfriend Accomplished In Wooing Her.

An American lady who's popularly known as Kaye, disclosed how her boyfriend met her and the method he used to make her fully fall in love with him.

Kaye the girlfriend said, that day the dude who's her boyfriend now drawn toward her and asked her for her number, but she resisted to give him her digits, and the dude said okay, and rapidly handed her his own official phone and drove off. 

Kaye said, she was genuinely shocked, like she don't really know what to do at that moment, but few minutes later, the dude called her with another phone when he got home that night , bla bla bla bla, after few months, they both asked each other out and they both accepted each other joyfully. 

Two days ago, on Monday was their great, strong ninth year relationship celebration. 

According to her, when a man wants you he takes risks and chances, here’s their relationship short story that she posted on instagram. 

“He pulled up and asked me for my number… I said ” No”. He said ok, He handed me HIS phone and drove off, I was in complete shock! He called me on his phone later that night ( I was searching all through it) . Make a long story short, 9 years strong. When a man wants you he takes risks, chances , and Bets it all. What I’ve learned from him, No, is not an answer, if you see and believe in your Vision, and stick to your plan. Chances must be taken , take the ones that are worth it. HAPPY Monday!”
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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