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A Nigerian Man Weds A Single Mother, Accepted Her Daughter Wholeheartedly And Damned The Criticism Nigerians have Single Mothers?

Last week was a very fulfilled week for a Nigerian man named Mr Abimbola as his proposal got accepted by the woman of his dreams, Mrs Jessica Iwelu who is a single mother.

 We all know it's rare for Nigerian guys of nowadays to get married to single mother or 'after ones', according to Nigerians but Abimbola gladly married this woman cause his love for her surpasses all that and even accepted to cater for her daughter happily and make the child legally his. 

The girl who was there during the proposal was overjoyed about Abimbola being her father. 
She would finally get to finally know the feeling of having a father that loves and cherishes her, be it foster or not. 

Below is the post Mr Abimbola published on his instagram official account,  to appreciate her wife and daughter.

“Love won!!
Not only did she say yes, her daughter also agreed that I be her father 😍😍
I couldn’t be happier to start this journey with @iwelu_j and be a father to Olamide.

Dolly—Yo: I love you both so much💕💕 IssaEngagement”

I'm happy for this beautiful newly formed family.
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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