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A Nigerian Woman Slaughtered Her Stepdaughter's Hands And Legs At Ikorodu

A Nigerian stepdaughter's hands and legs has been slaughtered by a woman at Ikorodu Street in Lagos.

According what we heard from the man who was apprised of the incident, he said the little girl who was injured is the woman's stepdaughter and she is a student in his school. Peter Williams School.

Mr Peter Williams posted it on facebook few hours ago, that the woman bruises her stepdaughter because her own daughter was wounded with a razor blade by her stepdaughter, so she determined to revenge by slicing her hands and legs for her not to do that again.

According to the reports, the woman got arrested immediately after the incident and the case has been transferred to Ogijo police station in Ogun state. 

This is what Mr Peter Williams published on his facebook account.

My people Look at what a wicked step mother did to her step daughter in my area at ita oluwu area off sagamu road, ikorodu, Lagos. The report we gather concerning this matter is that the step mother accused this young girl of using razor blade to cut her own daughter but the truth is that the girl knew nothing about it at all. The girl two hands and one leg damage. The girl is a student in my school.

DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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