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A Soldier In Uniform Was Flogged By A Police Officer With Mufti In Damaturu

On Friday afternoon in Damaturu, the Yobe state capital, A police officer was involved in a bloody fight with a soldier at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at a bank. 

According to our investigation, we gathered that this trouble was caused by the attempt to misuse the military power besotted onto the soldier cause the soldier was in uniform and wanted to use that chance to make a withdrawal without joining the queue formed by the other civilians. This angered the police officer who was on mufti and the other civilians greatly. 

When people began to protest angrily about the behavior of the soldier, the police offer courageously confronted the soldier and told him if he wasn't going to join the queue, he wasn't going to withdraw money at the ATM. 
He told him to join the queue like every other person that was there before his arrival. 

The soldier strongly refused and they began to commute hot words until they started commuting  blows and combat and pandemonium ensued. 

The policeman overpowered the soldier in little time and gave him the beating of his life until someone rushed to inform the military and police authorities in the state. 

The 2 i/c mopol in Damaturu came along and picked up their man including the police officers that were on duty at the bank and left the blood drenched soldier lying on the floor helplessly. 

Another senior military officer came to the scene and picked up the wounded soldier and took him back to the base for proper treatment and interrogation. 

It could be vividly remembered that only few months ago,there was a similar clash between soldiers and policemen that left many injured casualties when it finally came to an end. 

Who do you guys blame for this particular incident? 
I personally blame the soldier though cause he doesn't have any right to misuse military power that way, he believed he could maltreat civilians anyhow and only got what he deserved.
He got served.
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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