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A Teacher Died Straightaway After Flogging Her Student. —DOLLY YO

Tragedy struck the quiet town of ogidi in Anambra state. A teacher died after flogging a student.

 According to the reporter Eze Amadi, the parents of the student killed their daughter's teacher for flogging her. 

Earlier that morning, According to the reporter,  the student was flogged by her igbo teacher because she was unable to keep the classroom clean. 
Meanwhile the child responded in an aggressive and insultive way wen she was being asked why she didn't carry her duty properly. 

As a teacher, she decided  to punish the student by asking her to kneel down before the class but she stubbornly refused thereby leading the teacher to flog her and she ran home. 

As at 3:23, in the afternoon, she came back to the school with the mother and uncle. Her mother was unable to give a proper introduction to the school security as she forced herself in and made her way to the student's classroom only to find out that the teacher has gone home. She was therefore directed to the proprietress office when they found out that she came for her daughter's issue. 

The proprietress said she was busy before the woman came to her office to vent her anger. After she confirmed from other students, she pleaded with the mother and uncle to allow the school dive into the issue  with diplomacy as revenge won't yield result and she accepted. 

The teacher will therefore come back from the private teachers meeting she went to. The students who came with her mother pointed at the teacher to the mother and she rushed to hit her and after some time, the teacher collapse and was rushed to iyi-Enu hospital  ogidi wen the doctor confirmed her dead moment later. 

Later on, the parents and student are being detained by the police in ogidi police station.
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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