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An Upcoming Singer, Johnny Creed, Found Murdered Cold bloodedly in his room. —DOLLY YO

Sunday, December 3rd,2017 was a heart wrenching day for Johnny Creed's family and friends in Enugu State as the upcoming artiste reportedly committed suicide after releasing his latest single a day before but the circumstances surrounding his death is suspicious and reasoned to be brutal murder instead.
Hours before this bright upcoming singer was murdered,the twenty year old happily shared a post on Facebook advertising his latest single titled 'Snapchat'.
After that,he shared a strange post that might actually have something connected to his death.

According to a very close friend of his that they share virtually everything together and even stay in the same apartment,he came back from church only to find Johnny in a pool of his own blood with a knife in one hand.
His body was already cold.
Considering to what his friend disclosed, I have every right to doubt Johnny committing suicide.
Johnny Creed just released his single a day before and even announced a new single on Facebook.
Apart from that, Johnny cannot stab himself and still have the energy or the balance to actually pull the knife out again to hold it in his hand.

He was murdered and evidence was tampered with.
They stabbed him and carefully placed the knife in his hand trying to frame suicide.
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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