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Nigerian Young Man Jailed For Touching Policewoman's Breasts Approximately. —DOLLY YO

In a random police station in Lagos State,Chijioke Okeiyi, a 47 year old man,was charged to court for allegedly sexually harassing a policewoman by fondling her breasts and tearing her uniform in the process.

This incident happened at Isheri Oshun Division where Okeiyi was arrested and detained in the station for having a heated fight with the other occupants of the house he was residing in.

He was therefore charged for bad conduct likely to cause the breaching and disturbance of the peace of the masses.

According to P.M Express, Mrs Adesina Adefoluke was sexually harrassed when she went to open the cell in order to release Okeiyi who was being tortured and beaten by the other inmates in the cell.

When Okeiyi rushed out,he latched his hands on her breasts and started fondling it,tearing her police uniform in the process.

The arraignment of Chijioke to the court became a drama at the Ejigbo Magistrates Court when Adefoluke informed the court that she only extended an helping hand to him when she saw how the other inmates were mistreating him.

When she unlocked the door of the cell,Okeiyi came out only to start folding her breasts and she alerted the other police officers immediately.
P.M Express stated that Okeiyi said that the action wasn't intentional and that he was almost unconscious when he ran out,so he practically fainted on her.

This explanation of his was declared irrelevant and he was still arraigned for the crime and he pleaded not guilty.

Mr L.K.J Layeni,the presiding magisterate,granted him bail under the condition that he'd pay the sum of 100,000 with two sureties in alike sum.

He remains in the custody of the police pending the time he'd settle his bail conditions.
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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