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Young Man Died Remorselessly By Jumping From The Lagos State Court's Third Storey Over 40,000naira Debt.

A Nigeria Young Man Died Mercilessly by jumping from the third(3rd) storey building of the Lagos Magistrate Court in Ogba.

According to my investigation, this late Young man leaped from the 3rd floor to the last stairs, because he owed his fellow man N40,000.

The late Young man has been in prison for complete six months, and after his case today, he decided to kill himself by doing what it ain't needed.

Below is what a Lawyer named Oluwanifemi Esq published on his twitter page against the money owner and the IPO, and magistrates.

Our problem in this country is simple. We lack empathy for each other, i hope the owner of the 40,000naira is happy now. I hope the OPo that chose to charge the matter to court is happy now. I hope the magistrate is happy now.

Last but not the least, i hope the court officials and wardens that stood by and watched this man grapple with death for over 5minutes without trying to help him. I hope y'all are happy now.

I hope thunder fires all of you according to the works of your hands.
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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