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A Lady Disclosed How She Got Ravaged And Robbed By A Motorcyclist.

A Nigeria lady named Amarachi Azubuike, disclosed how she got ravaged and robbed by hazardous bikeman, while coming back from school. 

She said, on her way back from school, while waiting for a taxi, but there was no taxi, because of the outermost hold ups, so she determined to stop a bike, for her not to reach home late, so she saw a bikeman and she stopped the bikeman sharply, then she and the bikeman talked about the amount he's going to collect from her, and they both accepted it, but she wasn't aware that, the bikeman she stopped was an arm robber, also a rapist, while they were on their way to their destination, on a solitary road, the bikeman gives her an excuse, that his motorstycle is faulty, so the bikeman told her to get down from the bike, and she did, not knowing the bikeman's bike wasn't faulty, the bikeman was just deceiving her, so that it would be amendable for him to rob her. 

Below is the story she narrated. 

 I was on my way back from school as at 21st December, at Oshodi express way. The hold up was much then I decided to enter a motorcycle not knowing the motorcyclist was an armed robber, we negotiated how much I would give to him and he agreed. Getting to a particularly spot he said I should get down that it seem his motorcycle was faulty, I just did as he said, I stood waiting for him to work on his motorcycle at the lonely road because it was already late.

The next I could see was a gun pointed at my face telling me to bring my money phone and my chain or he rapes me, immediately with fear I did, not just that, he had to punch me twice heavily on my eyes and nose, I fainted at that same spot, my nostril was bleeding as well.

I managed to open my eyes only for me to see myself on a motorcycle with a good Samaritan that helped me to the clinic close by. I thank God for my life I wasn't blind.
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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