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"Happy New Year" And "Happy Birthday To Me", I'm In Chapter Forty (40), Says Nigeria Crafty Filmmaker/Actress Mercy Aigbe. —DOLLY YO BLOG

Great Nigeria actress Mercy Aigbe, who was born on Monday, January 1978, is now 40years old, in (Chapter 40), and she's joyfully celebrating her born day with her family, and friends.

Mercy Aigbe is a very beauteous woman, a very hardworking woman, she is an Award winning Nigerian filmmaker, director and a businesswoman.
She is best known for her Yoruba language movies.

Below are what she made known to the world about the way she was praying very hard to God, to allow her to see today, which is her born day, and God made her see it, and he's still going to make her see many more years without cessation. And she thanks and really appreciates her children, friends, family, and fans for making her feel special everyday, most especially today(her bornday), and she ended her speech by wishing the world "Happy New Year And Happy Birthday To Her".

Today I am the witness to the unfolding of a new chapter in my  life and I’m very grateful for this . For many years I have looked forward to the day I will turn 40 and now I am happy it has finally come. Just like I am looking forward to the many more years God will allow me to see in the land of the living. I bless God for his amazing grace, his undiluted mercy,unmerited favor and this great opportunity . 

I see life as being an opportunity to work on oneself and one’s character. It is the ability to see the distinction in people, to accept them and forgive them when necessary. A chance to touch lives and put smiles on the faces of people in my own little way.......Life is developing in hard work.

The past years have been nothing short of an amazing one and God has been with me through thick and thin. Giving me the grace to overcome every obstacle and hurdles life throws at me.  I am thankful for Life, My children, my family and friends , my fans and loved ones. It's such a gift to have great people around you. Thank you all for your support and love ... Y'all make me feel so special and blessed, I love each and everyone of you.......
This is a New Beginning .....
A New Dawn..............
Happy New year Guys and Happy Birthday to me 🙏🏻
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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