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Science Student Is "Trash", Says Twitter Users. —DOLLY YO BLOG.

The song titled Science Student is encouraging youths of nowadays to be using drugs, and to be acting discourteously, that it's trash, says twitter users.

And some many other people were appreciating Olamide for dropping the hit song and still praying and begging for the song video to drop rapidly, that the song is moving their body, while they keep on replaying it and dancing to it.

This hit song named Science student was dropped by the YBNL boss, who's generally well-known in Nigeria as Olamide Baddo. 

Below are what they were saying about the new song. 

_ "This is Olamide's lyrics in his new single Science Student. The lyrics is dead and also encourages drug abuse. Nigerian artists need to start writing educative lyrics not just danceable songs. Lyrics is Key." _ 
_ "Let's be honest with ourselves, what is the message olamide is passing in his new track #ScienceStudents ? Let's forget the fact that we are obsess with him. The song is total trash"

_ "I don't understand how nobody is seeing this or even commenting on it, @olamide_YBNL song "science student" just shows how rotten our system has gotten, it is very disgusting, why would anyone be endorsing the use of hard drugs publicly, those that are addicted keep warning."
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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