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Why Should I Spend 2,000,000 On Drinks Or On Other Iniquitous Things In Hours, When That Money Can Convey People's Life Up. —Williams Uchemba

A Nollywood Actor who's popularly known as Williams Uchemba, from southeast Nigeria said, why should he spend 2,000,000 on drinks or on other iniquitous things in hours, when that money can convey people's life up to someone great forever.

This Great Filmmaker named "Williams Ucbemba", is generally well-known as a cheery person, someone who devotes himself completely, a Lover Man. 

Below is what Actor Williams Uchemba made known to the world about being materialistic yields absolutely no good, things of the world don't last. Instead of spending unnecessarily on things that we derive less satisfaction from, why not touch a life? Human wants are insatiable and we can't satisfy them all, let's keep our priorities right and attend to our needs only. Gaining little pleasure and spending much shouldn't be better than changing lives and being blessed.

He wrote: Why should I spend 2million on drinks with friends in two hours  when that money can set 3 people up for life and even send some kids to school...why should I spend 1.5m on a Gucci product or buy a fendi shoe of 800k(I will wear once or twice and want another one) when I can use it to get people without hope off the street...until we start to think less of ourselves and think more of people we CANT have a fulfilled life and a life of Purpose...I remember when all I wanted was a car many years ago after few months of driving that car I got bored and wanted a new one, that’s what happens when you base life on material things...Always learn to get what you  NEED in life not the things you WANT because most of the things we want we don’t need I’m sending some kids that have been out of school back to school because of school fees and I challenge you to do same today.. HONOR GOD WITH YOUR INCOME( tithes and offerings, and kingdom investment ) HONOR THE SERVANT OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE(honor and sow seed) AND BLESS THE POOR( because you are blessed to bless others) invest in people more than Material things and leave the rest for God. Finally, if showing videos and pictures like this that inspires and challenges people to give around the world is called show off them I want to show off for the rest of my life #givechallenge
DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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