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​I Plotted Anti-Mugabe Coup Mangwana​

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s top ally and former government minister Paul Mangwana has revealed that he was among those who plotted the November coup against former President Robert Mugabe.

Mangwana told on Friday his involvement helped avert the shedding of blood which is common with military coups.

“I was involved as a lawyer,” he said, adding, “I was advising them (military) on how to use the constitution to manage the issue of impeachment.  
“I was a legal adviser throughout that process.”

A day before the November 17 events that saw the last of Mugabe’s 37-year rule, then Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga was seen during a press briefing brandishing the country’s constitution which he said was under threat from politicians.

Chiwenga declared that the military would protect the country’s ruling charter.

Mugabe was soon placed under house arrest, triggering a well-choreographed process which led to his ouster.

Regional leaders, who had earlier attempted diplomatic intervention into what had all the characteristics of a coup were forced to call off the move after the military used all the tricks in the book to camouflage their Commander-in-Chief’s siege.

Mugabe was forced to resign a week later after putting up a strong argument that he could not be removed outside constitutional processes.
Olaleye Anuoluwapo

Olaleye Anuoluwapo

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