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See The Crafty Response Given To A Follower Following Alex That Accused Her For Being Who She Is Not In The House. —DOLLY YO BLOG

Asogwa Alexandra the Big Brother Naija Former Housemate who's popularly well known as Alex, replied a follower of her who planked her with some vituperative words and also accused her for being who she is not in the house. 

Below is the sensitive response given to the follower, thanking him for the insults and also declared to the follower that if he can't love her, he should not hate her. And some other crafty answers to what the follower requested for. 

Follower: “So Alex your parent are dis riddle in poverty, yet you were forming posh in the house. Bam is posh acting posh. You I never chop (ebina) forming post. Who is the real “FAKE”.SO your mum told you not to bring home man no be man so you spread your legs to catch the well bread male housemates. ”

“I hope you seen pictures of Leo’s girl even Tobi,sons of rich men don’t take trash home to their mama’s they are only dream of men like that so keep dreaming. @alex_unusual make ur so pathetic… and I wish your sisters all you saying to alex.. IDIOT… If you can’t love, don’t hate”

Alexandra: “Like you said, if you can’t love, don’t hate. There was never a plce where it was written that if you are poor, you should only have poor friends. If I am poor and my parents are still able to give me a nice training, I thin I’ll advice others to do same. Being poor doesn’t mean you should have a poor appearance. God blessed me with a good appearance and I’m thankful. Thanks for your insult though.”

DoLLy— Yo

DoLLy— Yo

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