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Rat Infestation Shuts Down Holiday Island Lff The Great Barrier Reef IDOLLY YOl

Rat Infestation Shuts Down  Holiday Islands off the Great Barrier Reef

A group of ten islands on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef are being shut down to tourists amid an infestation of rats. The Frankland Islands group, a hugely popular destination for reef cruises departing from Cairns, will be closed. The islands are known to teem with pristine wildlife, such as migratory birds and the Green Sea Turtle, which both use the islands as nesting sites.

Also to be closed are the North Barnard Islands group, another popular tourist hotspot known for kayaking and whale sightings. These islands are important parts of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area for seabird colonies and other native wildlife according to the Department of Environment and Science.

The islands are to be closed from Monday for the next three weeks as the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service works to control the plague of black rats which has been harming native wildlife.
Olaleye Anuoluwapo

Olaleye Anuoluwapo

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