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Sudan Arrests Suspected Killer Of Nigerian Diplomat IDOLLY YOl

Sudan Arrests Suspected Killer Of Nigerian Diplomat

The suspected killer of a Nigerian diplomat in Sudan has been arrested by the country’s authorities. Sudan’s official news agency described the killer as a foreign woman, although it did not disclose details of her nationality.

The victim, Mr Habibu Almon, an Assistant Comptroller of Immigration at the embassy in Khartoum, was found stabbed to death at his home in the Sudanese capital. According to a statement from the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the woman has confessed to murdering Mr Almon and stealing his possessions.

The statement also revealed that a team of policemen had arrested a number of suspects as part of the murder investigations. The Nigerian Government had condemned the murder of the diplomat and pledged to work with Khartoum to arrest the culprit.
Olaleye Anuoluwapo

Olaleye Anuoluwapo

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