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The Size Of The Town You Live In Has A Huge Effect On Happiness Levels IDOLLY YOl

The Size of The Town You Live in Has a Huge Effect on Happiness Levels

A team of happiness researchers at the Vancouver School of Economics and McGill University recently published a working paper on the geography of well-being in Canada. They compiled 400,000 responses to a pair of national Canadian surveys, allowing them to parse out distinctions in well-being at the level of more than 1,200 communities representing the country's entire geography.

Are the people there more educated or richer? Do they spend more time in church? Their chief finding is a striking association between population density - the concentration of people in a given area - and happiness. The happiness measure is derived from a survey question that asks responses to rate "how satisfied" they are with their lives, on a scale from 1 to 10. Across Canada, community-level average responses to this question range from 7.04 to 8.94.

They found that, aside from fewer people, the authors found that the happiest communities had shorter commute times and less expensive housing and that a smaller share of the population was foreign-born. They also found that people in the happiest communities are less transient than in the least happy communities, that they are more likely to attend church and that they are significantly more likely to feel a "sense of belonging" in their communities.
Olaleye Anuoluwapo

Olaleye Anuoluwapo

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